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Free eBook [Pre & Post-Surgery Safety Guide] | Health Planner

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This annual subscription is filled with valuable information for individuals who are undergoing or considering surgery. It enables you to navigate the complexities and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct research, ask critical questions for your safety, and adequately prepare for both surgery and recovery. The course offers practical tips and direction to support informed decision-making and to assist you throughout the pre- and post-operative stages for your lymphatic health and well-being. The guide will be continually updated to reflect changes as information is available throughout the industry, aiding in your post-operative self-care after surgery. This information will also provide helpful information for skin care hygiene, wound care concerns, and product information, supplies, manual lymphatic drainage techniques, and helpful resources among other topics. For further inquiries, you will have the option to contact Health & Wellness Coach for additional support.

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