WAIVER for COVID19 - Pandemic Protocol!


_____Have you experienced viral symptoms within the last 30 days?

_____Have you or anyone at your residence been exposed to/diagnosed with COVID19 within the last 30 days?

_____Have you been outside of the country within the last 30 days, & if so, can you provide details on the back of this waiver? 

  • PLEASE NOTE: that a "yes" answer to any question may not preclude your receiving treatment. We will call or text you to follow up prior to your appt. We seek an honest exchange of information so that everyone can be protected.

I Agree & Acknowledge That:

_____COVID-19 is transmissible, when an individual is asymptomatic i.e. absence of fever or other symptoms is not an assurance that an individual is not contagious. I understand that massage therapy work involves close physical proximity over an extended period-of-time & accordingly there is an elevated risk of transmission. By signing this form, I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved and give consent to receive massage and bodywork from this practitioner, and release 1 Massage @ aTime LLC & my therapist from any & all liability for any unintentional exposure or harm due to the virus.

_____I understand that aerosol transmission (through the breath) is seen to be the greatest risk. I agree to come to 1 Massage @ aTime LLC wearing a face mask, as long as, that is the recommendation of public health officials. I understand that my therapist is not protected from contagion unless we are both wearing masks. I agree to wear the mask during the treatment if requested to do so by my therapist.  1 Massage @ aTime LLC will make the best efforts to have washable homemade cloth masks on hand.

_____I understand that my face & hands are the most sensitive areas for transmission via skin surface. I understand that my therapist may choose to wear protective gloves throughout my massage, or to use gloves or another type of cloth barrier while working on my face if I am not wearing a mask, or to work over my mask, to use a guasha jadestone tool, or to not work on my face at all. I understand that my therapist may use gloves or sanitizer before, during or after working on my hands. I agree to wash my hands & face thoroughly before my appointment at 1 Massage @ aTime LLC premises.


1 Massage @ aTime LLC:

Diligent performance of our normal hygiene practices & enhanced sanitation protocols to include disinfection of the exposed parts of the massage table (face rest) & surfaces in the treatment room & restroom between each client, longer breaks in between clients & appointment staggering, social distancing in all areas outside of the treatment room. Therapists will wear masks when working the upper half of the body at a minimum.

There will be no penalty for last-minute cancellations if you wake up feeling sick.                                            

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