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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

Combination of therapeutic massage therapy, treat specific acute or chronic injuries, pain, and specific conditions. Each may be treated using a variety of techniques for the most effective results. Conditions may include but are not limited to sciatica, back and neck pain, leg injuries, muscle strain, digestive or stomach issues. Every massage therapist have a unique style by adding their on special touch to make your experience perfect for you.


* Hot stones + cupping,  steamed towels and essential oils + deep tissue + stretching may be included throughout the session

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage therapy help reduce stress, and relieve pain in the neck, low back, legs, and feet as well as alleviate cramps, reduce swelling, improve quality of sleep, minimizes stress, anxiety and depression associated with a hormonal imbalance.

Must be 12 weeks to receive this service.


* Hot stones + steamed towels and essential oils (optional)

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