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Post-Op Recovery Services

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage aiming to drain the lymph fluid from the tissues. This type of massage helps treat edema after a plastic surgery.  Lymphatic drainage can help reduce inflammation, speed healing, and diminish scar tissue. The lymphatic system is crucial for your immune system and for protecting you from inflammation and illness. If the lymphatic system is congested, it cannot protect effectively becoming more prone to infections and disease. Keeping the lymphatic flow smooth and free from lymph congestions absolutely critical to our health and well-being. This service is specifically for post-operative care.


* additional modalities, techniques, and tools will be used to achieve maximum results. Allow time to get out of and back into your faja. 

Lipo-360+ / TT /BBL Most Popular
Multiple Surgeries
LIPO-360, Bra-roll, Arms, Thighs, Chin, Fibrosis+
"CALL" Booked by Lymphatic Therapist

Non-Surgery Full Body Lymphatic Detox

_  Aprenda a pronunciar_Relaxing Massage, Drainage Massage and Aesthetic Apparatus Made to
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